liston Business Development

GBD Network is designed to identify and generate investment opportunities through a deep understanding of business in the most dynamic sectors of the economies in which we are established; focused mainly on Renewable Energies and Climate Change; Biotechnology; nformation and Telecommunications and Agribusiness.

Investment opportunities selections include carbon asset-related projects where we are willing to act either as the main investor or assisting project sponsors with financial participation in the rapidly growing "carbon credits" market.

In order to achieve its objective this unit is continuously fueled with information of potential business opportunities provided by our Foresight 2020 offices around the world. After scanning the nformation through a strict and demanding analysis, we structure the outcome either as an Investment Opportunity Report (IOR) or an Investment Opportunity Profile (IOP). The chosen format will depend on the depth of the analysis given by the available information as well as its quality and accuracy.

By summarizing business information with a standard financial format, this IOPs or IORs are esigned to present business alternatives to potential investors and developers as well as financial and technological partners.

Taking dvantage of our physical presence in different continents through our Foresight 2020 offices (settled in India, Austria, Peru, Brazil. Chile and Argentina), we combine local expertise and networking in each country; strategic partnerships with well-known market players and carefully selected suppliers for different investment opportunities and projects.

GBD Network has a strict confidential policy. Access to project specifications can only be granted by its owners.