Role of Bioethanol in the Energy Matrix (November, 2013)
The meeting aims to bring a holistic view of the sector, where technical experts and representatives from leading institutions will present the economic and productive aspects, as well as the environmental, social and institutional sides of the bioethanol. The ultimate goal is to analyze the potential that the bioethanol gives to t...

The 21st Century Economy: Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Lima (September, 2011)
For the purpose of presenting a strategic vision of the current and future state of commercial and financial interaction in the global economy to the Latin American business community, three interesting seminars were held with "The New Economy: Global Economic Trends" as their theme. The audience at the seminars was composed of entrepreneurs, CEO...

Business seminar in Shanghai (September, 2010)
This event, which was co-organized by GBDN and GASME, was attended by representatives of more than 400 Chinese companies. Among the guest speakers were the Minister Counselor from the US Embassy, the Deputy General Consul from the German mission and Mr. Suresh Prabhu, former Union Minister of India and Foresight 2020 partner in Mumbai.

Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province (September, 2010)
GBDN met with Mr. Lu Zu Shan, the governor of Zhejiang Province, and his cabinet, as well as Mr. ZohuMubing, the deputy mayor of Chongquing, to talk about the administration's political priorities and the province's potential development opportunities. A seminar organized there in cooperation with GBDN was attended by some 200 companies.

Changsha, Hunan Province (September, 2010)
A number of press meetings were held during a visit made in connection with a formal meeting with the Changsha Chamber of Commerce. During the meeting, useful information about trade opportunities was exchanged.

Beijing (September, 2010)
GBDN held a meeting with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, during which matters related to the Chinese government's policies, the investment climate and business objectives were discussed. In addition, the Chinese development process was analyzed and several potential joint activities related to technology transfer and dissemin...

Argentina and Peru – Indian Trade Mission (April, 2010)
GBDN organized a seminar on the Carbon Market to present its current state and outlook, with the strategic vision of the country where it was held. For this event, GBDN invited an Indian specialist to participate as a panelist. Within the framework of this event, the local offices organized different business meetings with leading companies in t...

Austrian Business Meeting (August, 2009)
A fruitful business trip to Austria was made for the purpose of staying abreast of the latest technological advances in waste treatment. Additionally, new contacts were made with potential financial and technological partners for investment projects.

Argentina – Business Breakfast (April, 2008)
As a result of the well coordinated implementation of different economic and financial policies, Peru's economic performance has been among the best in the region. Its GDP expanded over the past 5 years (through 2008) at an average of 7.64%. In 2008 alone, its GDP reached 9.8%. Knowing that Peru's growth expectations for 2010 are about 5.5%, and ...