liston Project Finance

GBD Network offers a range of investment and commercial solutions reflecting the varied needs and preferences of our clients, including project finance solutions, private equity funds, commercial mandates and fund raising mandates.

Central to GBD Network investment vehicles is market risk management. The oresight 2020 Office takes a globally integrated approach to the analysis and management of risk while also maintaining a strong regional orientation, with a physical presence in the most dynamic economies of Asia (India and China) Latin America (Brazil, Chile, Peru and Argentina) and Europe (Austria and German).

We combine our global vision with the local insights provided by our rofessional team working around the world. In that sense, our local offices are oriented to:

Help to ensure that the GBDN Capital investment strategies are consistent with our client objectives and that all risks are fully understood and properly managed by our managers.

Give to our network the right insights of every sector that we analysis according to t
he specific dynamic of each economy.

Constantly monitor the performance of most dynamic business sectors in emerging markets, identifying the economics of each sector and new trends.